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We pride ourselves as a governing body in giving the Head Teacher, the staff and the school as much support as they require, and always make ourselves available and accessible to the parents, should they wish to see us. I am sure you will find that the school radiates a warm, friendly atmosphere at all times, the staff are always welcoming and encourage the parents to become involved in the day to day working of the school.  The aim of the school at all times is that children will be happy here, making them responsive to learning and preparing them for their future education with a sound and solid base.

I hope your child enjoys the Holley Park experience which many children in the past have and hopefully will also in the future.

Remember, the first seven years of school life can be the most important to any child.  We try to launch our pupils into their school career knowing that we have done everything possible to help that child succeed.

The governing body at Holley Park consists of parents, members of the local authority, teaching staff and representatives of the local community.  The governing body meets at least once per term, although all governors are members of at least one committee of the governing body.

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