PE and Sports Information

Match report 27/05/2016

Last night we played 3 games. Our first game was against Marlborough. They kicked off and Matty ran and tackled the defender then passed it to Mitchell but he just missed the ball and it went out for a throw in. They threw the ball down the field and Lewis tackled the striker then belted the ball up the field to Thomas and he took on the defender then swung a cross into the box but Matty missed the header and the final score was 0-0.

2nd match

our second game was against Barmston we kicked off and Matty passed the ball to Lewis b and he booted the ball back to Matty and he took on the defender and had a shot and it hit the post. Then they ran up the pitch and the striker turned past ben and scored past daisy to make it 1-0 and that’s how it finished.

3rd match

our third match was against Rickleton and we got kick off. we had some great attacks and some great tackles but it was 1 goal and it was 1-0.

Special mention to daisy for being an amazing goalkeeper and also to Mitchell for his first match for Holley Park.

Man of the match was Matthew D.