Derwent Hill Diary


Children had a great first night, some girls were so eager to get started today that they wereup and dressed by 3.30am!


Year 5 & 6 have all had an amazing day at Derwent Hill!

One group have been on a walk to Latrigg. Two groups walked to Aira Falls in Ullswater and another group have been to the mines.

They are going on a night walk tonight followed by team games.

All are well and happy!


Miss Crowther’s report: No rain is forecast today. The rain was horrendous yesterday but mild weather. The children loved the night walk last night. Birthday boy Dominic had a lovely day. He showed great resilience on the night walk last night. He wasn’t sure about it especially when we had to walk through the field with our torches turned off. But he did it !! Grace  and Aidan were supporting and encouraging him all the way. Surprisingly they are all keeping their rooms tidy and have been well organised !!

Mrs Reed said the first group had to tackle the death swing yesterday and they were fantastic. They showed great support and were encouraging each other. The superstars were Rebecca for supporting the instructors and children and Alannah for bravery !! She was the first one to jump with no fuss !! Just went up and jumped !!